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Hi all, Broomish here! I made this website back when Halo Trial had an active community of players. Many of us enjoyed modding the game which is surely one of the reasons it was popular for so long.

Halo Mods Made Simple was my idea of a place to provide help and tutorials to other people who wanted to host their own mods, and looking back now I think it was a huge success!

These days, Halo Trial is no longer an active game and this site has also been gathering dust.

But don't be sad! If anyone out there is still yearning for the good old days (just like me) then come on over to Halo Custom Edition where there are still active players to this day.

I am once again hosting my servers and I am currently working on porting some of my Halo Trial mods over to Halo Custom Edition. On top of that I have plans to launch a new website dedicated to my Halo CE servers, so keep watching this space and I hope to see you soon!

- Broomish 27/07/2020 


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